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Our Story

The focus of Zenith is not to become the biggest mortgage company, where people become interchangeable cogs in the machine, but to build the best mortgage company for employees, clients, and customers. With a strong belief in the American dream of homeownership, Zenith provides the necessary resources and tools to make purchasing a home an exciting and proud time in a person’s life.

What Makes us Different
The loan officers at Zenith are hand-picked experts who work with you to find a mortgage that best fits both your long and short term goals. The dedicated team of loan officers don’t worry about any past financial mistakes you might have made, their focus is on your future and finding the best loan scenario for your current stage in life.
To assist borrowers throughout the life of their mortgage, a team member from Zenith reaches out to every borrower, each year, for a mortgage checkup. The goal is to ensure that customers, both past and present, have the best possible mortgage, at the best possible rate.
Our Goal
We are in love with the American Dream of homeownership. We are in love with the work we do, the families we do it for, and the people we get to work with every day. Our goal is to look back at our careers and say with pride, “I helped build one of the best companies in America!”

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