Week Ending September 9, 2011

Good Morning! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend as we

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Week Ending September 2, 2011

Good afternoon! Hope your Labor Day Weekend was great! Major economic data

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ARMs allow you to fix the interest rate for the length of

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What about my Credit Score?

Your credit score is a factor that will be considered by the

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Global Economic Growth Worries and Debt Troubles in Europe

Market Recap – Week Ending August 19 2011. Concerns about the pace

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Week Ending August 26, 2011

It was another volatile week for mortgage rates. The primary factors influencing

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Points vs No Points

Buyers often want to know whether or not they should pay points

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Week Ending August 12, 2011

In one of the most volatile weeks ever seen, important economic news

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Dont Overreact to the Hype!

A message from our Branch Manager – Dave Gallegos Yes, we had

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All About Seller Contributions

SELLER CONTRIBUTIONS When the seller of a property agrees to contribute money

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