Understanding PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance)

When you are buying a home you will quickly learn that there are a wide array of terms and acronyms with which you need to be familiar. Learning a whole new mortgage ‘language’ can feel daunting but it is important to fully understand what you are doing when you invest in a new home.

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3 Advantages of a Conventional Mortgage

Any potential homebuyer will quickly discover that there are many different loan products out there to meet the needs of unique buyers. Generally, when discussing different mortgage types and talking about the advantages of conventional mortgages, we are comparing a conventional mortgage to an FHA loan.

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How Does Mortgage Refinancing Work & Should I Do It?

If you already own a home and have an existing mortgage you may have wondered from time to time if you should refinance. Everyone is talking about how we have experienced historically-low rates and that they will only continually climb from here so – should you refinance now before rates go up?

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What to Know Abut Buying a House Sold Without a Real Estate Agent

Thought it is not common, if you are house hunting you may

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3 Most Popular Mortgage Loan Types

Most potential homebuyers will need to consider how much home they can

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How to Know if You Are Ready to Buy a Home

There are many big decisions in life but few are as big

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What Is An Escrow Account and How Does It Work?

Escrow has been and continues to be one of the most confusing

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When Mortgage Rates Rise, Do Home Sales Decline?

While mortgage rates stayed at historic lows for many years and are,

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What to Avoid During the Home Buying Process

Every person buying a home, whether it is the first time or

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What is the Right Down Payment For You?

One of the biggest things to carefully consider when buying a home

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