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Why Zenith?


The focus of Zenith is not to become the biggest mortgage company, where people become interchangeable cogs in the machine, but to build the best mortgage company for employees, clients, and customers. With a strong belief in the American dream of homeownership, Zenith provides the necessary resources and tools to give loan officers the work-life balance they have been craving and the long-term security they have been searching for.

Start your mortgage career with Zenith

In our industry, earning potential is limited only by your own ambition. At other companies, you could close a measly 3 deals a month, top out at a modest annual salary, and slack off the rest of the time…

  • Or you could join Zenith, put in the hard work to close 10 or more deals a month, and start earning $100k+ your very first year.
  • Our top producers bring in more than $100 million in loans every year because they’ve learned, trained, and grown with us. They’re regular people who genuinely love what they do, and they work hard at it.
  • The Zenith Career Training program is an intensive, paid position. You’ll receive hands-on training in the tools, sales approaches, and processes that top Loan Officers use to close $100k/month in deals.
  • After three months, you’ll be able to begin closing deals yourself! We expect you to quickly outpace and then replace your base salary. Ultimately, you’ll move to 100% commission-based compensation. Most of our trainees bring in (and keep) six figures their first year.
  • You understand that “If you’re telling me the truth, I’m going to do the work for as long as to takes to get to that goal”

Employee Testimonial

I may still be pretty green in terms of my professional lifespan haha, but I can say without a doubt this company knows how to make its employees feel valued and appreciated. Never in my 6 years of higher ed, would any of my supervisors or higher leadership approve this or even think to do something like this. The treatment of employees at my secondary jobs (which were typically customer service) was definitely worse.

I am grateful to be a part of this team and a culture like this. Thank you for all the things you do to make us feel like a team, a family, and less alone during this weird, wonky, time.

-Chelsea M. (Zenith employee)


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