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The Obstacle is the Way

Few among us could have imagined a month ago that we’d find ourselves in such a unique situation. Did you ever think you’d use the line “after the quarantine” in your lifetime? I know I didn’t. For now, at least, this is our “new normal,” and I believe we are all faced with two distinctly […]

The Prefect Post for our New Reality

This is a reprint of a post originally published on March 29th, 2019 I’ve recently introduced a lot of people here at Zenith to a book I’ve been reading, listening to, and studying called Positive Intelligence: Why Only 20% of Teams and Individuals Achieve Their True Potential and How You Can Achieve Yours. I can […]

Recognize your Power

In Ryan Holiday’s book, The Obstacle is the Way he tells the story of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, a prominent boxer in the mid-’60s, who was accused of a triple homicide, a crime he did not commit. He was convicted and sentenced to three life terms. When he arrived in prison, he asked to speak to the warden […]

Nerves and Emotions

For the people at my company, we are concluding our 5th week of “social distancing” or what we have called “let’s work from home.” I must admit that this is going on longer than I thought it would at first, but I am relieved that the initial dire predictions are not playing out. And I […]