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Three Most Popular Mortgage Loan Types

Most potential homebuyers will need to consider how much home they can afford, how much down payment they can afford, and, possibly most importantly – what type of mortgage loan would be best for their unique circumstances. When it comes to home loans, there are actually a myriad of options with special qualifying factors for […]

Three Advantages of a Conventional Mortgage

Any potential homebuyer will quickly discover that there are many different loan products out there to meet the needs of unique buyers. Generally, when discussing different mortgage types and talking about the advantages of conventional mortgages, we are comparing a conventional mortgage to an FHA loan. FHA loans are certainly ideal for a select group […]

Renting vs. Buying

One of the big questions everyone has to ask themselves at some point is do you want to rent a home or buy a home? There are many factors that will influence the decision. And, while there are advantages and disadvantages to each, neither option is necessarily better than the other just better for your […]