Perform With Excellence

Performing with excellence means making a commitment to being the very best at what we do
every day, with every task. It means performing with excellence every time we interact with our co-workers,
vendors, referral partners and the families we serve.

Performing with excellence is doing simple things consistently well; it means under promising and over delivering, telling the truth, and doing what you said you would do when you said you would do it. Especially in the mortgage business it means getting every detail right, every single time.

It also means we must have excellent people performing at their best every day. When we do that, our business grows by referrals and our customers come back again and again. We believe that the company that provides the best service will always be the company that wins.

It’s our systems and the people that operate them that will set us apart from our competition, so our team is expected to master and follow our systems.

It’s important to acknowledge the difference here between excellence and perfection. Perfection is impossible in any business. Excellence means that even if we fall short, we never make excuses, we own the outcome, and get right to work building a better system of execution to ensure we don’t fall short again. For the families we serve it’s imperative that we always write the last chapter in the client’s experience with our company. It’s our reputation in the marketplace that will always set us apart.

Key Behaviors

  • You master and follow the systems
  • You do what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it
  • You own your results
  • You hold yourself accountable
  • You don’t do “average” or “good enough”
  • You get the details right every time
  • You learn from your mistakes and you don’t repeat them