Respect & Serve Others

Early on in my career I was doing a loan for a client and his wife, and while I was talking with them she mentioned her mother needed to refinance her mortgage, as her father had just passed away. Her mother’s name was Rose, she was in her late 60’s at the time, and for the 1st time in her life she had to make financial
decisions without her husband of 40 + years. The truth is she reminded me of my own mother, and how frightened she would be if she had to do this on her own for the very first time in her life. It made me realize that I had an awesome responsibility to take care of Rose, and to make sure I was careful to explain this as much as she needed me too, and to make sure I treated her fairly. I wanted to make sure I treated her exactly how I would want someone to treat my own mother if she found herself in the same position. We all have that same responsibility – to treat each and every one of our clients the same and as if they were a family member.

We treat our clients with the same care, respect and compassion that we would a family member.  We are here to help families – and we can never forget that.  We pay attention to their needs and actively listen until we understand.

We must commit to approaching each client and stage of the mortgage process recognizing the incredible responsibility entrusted to us; a difficult client is probably just as frightened as Rose was.  It is our responsibility to demonstrate professionalism, competency, and earn their trust.

We recognize that at times this can be a very stressful business; this is a life changing decision for our clients.  We need to challenge ourselves to come together as a team in those stressful situations to achieve successful outcomes and stand together as a support system for our clients.

We also have to remember that we are dealing with the three most important things in people’s lives; their family, their money and their home. We believe it’s an honor and a privilege to play such an important part of each family’s American Dream.

We know that there may be times where we fall short, but when that happens, it’s our mission to make that client a raving fan, by going above and beyond to earn their future business. So when they talk to others about their experience (and they will when we fall short), our goal is to have them say “And then you know what they did..?”

Key Behaviors

  • You treat our customers with courtesy and kindness
  • You treat customers like you would want your family treated
  • You work to make sure the team wins
  • You always do what’s in the best interest of the client
  • You engage with our team and our customers to build strong relationships