Set of Your Sail/83

“It’s not what happens that determines your life’s future; it’s what you do about what happens. It’s not the blowing of the wind that determines your destination; it’s the set of  your sail. The same wind blows on all of us. A difference in arrival is not because of the blowing of the wind; it’s the set of the sail. Learning helps you set a better sail, what changes is your philosophy…[that] changes the set of [everyone’s] sail.” Jim Rohn

Everyone wakes up every day with 83 problems.  A successful day is solving a dozen or so problems.  The next day we are going to wake up with 83 problems again. No one can avoid this reality.  Some people wake up each day with one extra problem. You can usually tell who they are because of their attitudes. Their extra problem: they don’t think they should have any problems at all.

The 83’s of the world have great attitudes. They view life as a series of challenges to be overcome in order to have the life they desire.  They don’t complain about their problems, they look for solutions. They work to get better every day. They don’t wish life was easier, they work to become more than they are today. These are the people that always seem to get ahead in life. And they are fun to be around.

The 84’s are the people with bad attitudes.  These people go through life miserable, ungrateful and no fun to be around.  They are easy to pick out because they are usually complaining.  No one likes being around the 84’s of the world. So we choose not to work with people like that here.  Everyone has problems in their lives, but it’s our attitude towards those problems that makes the difference.

We believe a company filled with people that have great attitudes can accomplish anything. We can work to make doing this job fun, something we look forward to everyday. Life’s too short to have a job you don’t like, and worse, to work with people who don’t like their job.

So let’s bring passion and fun to our work. Yes, it’s going to be difficult at times, but that’s when we need to bring our very best. For each other and especially for the families we serve.


Key Behaviors

  • You don’t complain and carry on excessively
  • You think before you react
  • You’re genuinely thankful
  • You’re a solution finder
  • You always have a Positive Attitude
  • You’re self-aware of emotional leakage
  • You care that your co-workers have a great day