3 Factors to Be Aware of That Can Affect Your Mortgage Rate

Rates have been at, generally, historical lows for the last few years. 

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5 Things Not to Do When Applying for a Home Loan

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Advantages of Physician Mortgage Loans

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Have You Considered an Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM)?

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Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Pros and Cons

Adjustable-rate mortgages have developed quite a reputation over the years.  When the

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Mortgage Rates Made a Major Move This Week

If you have been watching the real estate market and waiting to

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Should You Refinance to Pay Your Mortgage Off Faster?

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When Is a Reverse Mortgage the Right Choice?

Many people have heard about reverse mortgages but most do not have

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When Should You Lock In Your Mortgage Rate?  Is Now The Time?

If you have begun looking at homes, or are planning to in

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5 Signs It Is Time to Refinance

Week after week there are reports of changing mortgage rates and the

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